Our Logo


The logo of the Ohio Widows Sons is the ‘new’ patch adopted by the Northern Jurisdiction in May 2004. Although large and very detailed, this logo has much symbolism to our brethren, and is representative of our fraternity to the public. The three sides of the triangle represent the degrees of traditional blue lodge masonry, while the three points represent the burning tapers. The all-seeing eye reminds us that our thoughts words and actions are always being observed, and to respond accordingly. The square, level and plumb represents the three principal officers of the lodge, and is symbolic of our working tools. The rising sun represents the Master of the Lodge at the apex of the triangle, while reminding us the sun never sets on freemasonry; its light is cast forever to all points of the globe. The wings demonstrate personal freedom and liberty, ideas at the heart of every mason. They also are a common symbol throughout the motorcycling community and therefore demonstrate our heritage. The ‘meet on the level & part on the square’ remind everyone that we are masons above all. We wish to be received as such, and hope to overcome any prejudices and misconceptions of those who ride motorcycles. This phrase is also intended to stimulate conversation among non-masons, thereby providing an opportunity for our members to explain the great attributes of the Masonic fraternity. The color of red for the text reminds us to be passionate towards Freemasonry, the Widows Sons, and the motorcycling community, and the silver embroidery designates them as affiliated/descendant chapters of the Ohio Grand Chapter Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association.