Sublime Principles

The sublime principles Chapter of the Ohio Widows sons was founded in 2011. But it all didn’t start there. The Origination of the group of masons who formed The Sublime Principles Chapter actually began around the summer of 2003 in The Seville Masonic Lodge # 74. This quaint little lodge located in southern Medina County is the home lodge of many motorcycle enthusiasts. We have spent hours riding together at many times to various Masonic functions. As a group raising funds for charity, we seemingly struggled with different events and dinners. In short, we mostly put out more effort than it was worth to achieve the minimal returns. Eventually, it occurred to us that we should develop a way to raise funds and awareness for the various charities our lodge contributes to through our shared passions of motorcycle riding. Therefore together we decided to put on a type of event that many of us were very familiar with, a motorcycle Run.

And so it began we held our first run and pig roast party in the summer of 2003. Although it rained the day of the first run, we had done our homework by planning for the possibility of few riders due to poor weather. Months prior, we had spent many hours networking, marketing, and advertising our run. There were very few actual bikes on the run that rainy day but at the end of the day the weather turned nice and many people showed up to the party and offered their support contributing donations for the live music and good food. At the end of the day, the event turned out to be a great success. We had finally generated substantial money for the lodge to use as a charitable donation to the Special Olympics and other various charities. I also must add we had a lot of fun doing it. We decided at that moment this would be an annual event. We called our group the Fellow Craft Club.

Before too long, the Seville lodge started experiencing growth in membership. It was no surprise that many of the new members were also motorcycle enthusiasts. In addition, many of our veteran lodge members became interested in motorcycles as well. Each year the run got a little bit larger in attendance growing to the point where we needed to get a larger venue to hold the party at the end of the run. In 2011 Worshipful Brother Eric Lilly did some research about the Widows Sons. Upon his findings he proposed to The Fellow Craft Club that we start our own chapter. In unanimous agreement we did so becoming the 5th Widows Sons Chapter in the State of Ohio.

Today we are 48 members strong from many Lodges in the surrounding areas. We now generate funds in many other ways than the annual run. We have a line of products that we sell and we have several raffles throughout the year. Above all we are not afraid to pass the hat around a meeting or gathering to generate a little extra cash. We also contribute to several notable causes including the Special Olympics, Wounded Warriors, United Way, Fallen Riders, Adopt a Family for Christmas, In addition we have sponsored ball teams, sent a few local youngsters on field trips with their class to Washington DC along with contributing to several local families in distress each year amongst several other good causes not mentioned. In doing all of this we have not forgotten where it all began.

We have great intensions to keep the local masonic community going strong. We continue to contribute to Masonry several times throughout each year in many ways. For example the sublime principles recently formed a fellow craft team comprised completely of all Widows Sons to put on the second part of the third degree for the Seville lodges annual inspection for 2018. This act was the first time in Ohio history and was very well received.

Why we do it? Because together we can make a bigger difference than we can alone. In doing so we are also learning from each other through masonry how to become better men. At the end of the week when we sit back and finally relax and reflect, we feel a great sense of accomplishment and that my friends is heathy for our souls.